To Read and Undertand the Bible in a Simple and Pratical Way

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One Page Study Charts for each Book of the Bible

The bible can be challenging.

There are 66 books, written by more than 40 different authors and almost 1200 chapters.

It is broad, dense and generally and generally with unknown words.

But the Bible is also the word of God

(and that’s why it’s very important leerla)

We don’t want our readers to give up before starting.

We want the Bible to be more accessible to any person who is interested, regardless of age, gender, income, origin, etc.

Our biblical diagrams were created with this objective.

Each sketch is a panoramic view of a book of the bible. Instead of reading a southern verse, our biblical projects offer a general view, summarized but include contexts, backgrounds and perspectives that are essential.

These are definitely a companion for any Bible lesson.

Take a look:​

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We create the biblical diagrams (as we show you above) for all the books of the old and new testament!

Simple and pratical

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